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Indigenous Employment Program

At Boomerang Training and Development, we also provide an indigenous employment program. In this service, we provide as much help and support as possible to the indigenous looking for a job in these specific segments. We try our level best to remove the barriers so these people can get the opportunity to work with the… Continue reading Indigenous Employment Program

Mock Interviews with Expert

Between developing the skills and getting employment in the field of mining and civil construction, the biggest hurdle is to clear the interview. We are aware of the fact, and that is why we also offer a service in which we organise Mock interviews with expert interviewers. This enhances the confidence of the candidates and… Continue reading Mock Interviews with Expert

Certified Courses

At Boomerang Training and Development, we offer various certified courses that help a person to develop the skills required in the mining and construction industry. Our courses include extraction operations, coal mine safety skill, traffic management, operation cost, plant operations, emergency rescue, infrastructure operations, operate elevating work platform. All these courses are taught by experienced… Continue reading Certified Courses