Boomerang Training and Development have a good network with hundreds of mining and construction companies. So, if any company have surplus staff or an employee want to move to some other city, then we help the employees to join a similar company in some other city.

Bulk Workforce

If a mining company or construction organisation looking for a bulk workforce, then we can help in the quick recruitment of a large workforce. We understand the seriousness of such a requirement always ready for it. It is not only beneficial for the company for also for our trained candidates.

Cultural Awareness Training

Our service also includes cultural awareness training. Our experienced mentors give ample information about the culture of a mining and civil construction company. It helps them to learn about the importance of etiquette, environmentally friendly methods and procedures. This awareness guides the candidate to achieve the professional goal quickly.

Business Services

We also offer the best business services to the top mining and construction companies in Australia. Our experts pay attention to the project management, find out the factors responsible for the miscommunication across people and loopholes in the training and development. It helps out candidates and their company to work in an organised manner, which increase their productivity.


At Boomerang, we understand that recruitment is only the beginning. To carry out the task of the company, it is important that the staff they are hiring stay within the company. That is why we also provide the retention service. We carry out the task by focusing on people management. Our experts ensure the company is offering a good induction process and a supportive workplace for the employees.


We are associated with more than 450 mining and civil construction companies in Australia. We work closely with all of them and them with the recruitment. So, this service is beneficial for companies who want to increase their workforce. Our managers and experts properly carry out the recruitment, so both employer and employee stay happy.

Indigenous Employment Program

At Boomerang Training and Development, we also provide an indigenous employment program. In this service, we provide as much help and support as possible to the indigenous looking for a job in these specific segments. We try our level best to remove the barriers so these people can get the opportunity to work with the top mining and civil construction companies.

Mock Interviews with Expert

Between developing the skills and getting employment in the field of mining and civil construction, the biggest hurdle is to clear the interview. We are aware of the fact, and that is why we also offer a service in which we organise Mock interviews with expert interviewers. This enhances the confidence of the candidates and helps them to clear the main interview.

Certified Courses

At Boomerang Training and Development, we offer various certified courses that help a person to develop the skills required in the mining and construction industry. Our courses include extraction operations, coal mine safety skill, traffic management, operation cost, plant operations, emergency rescue, infrastructure operations, operate elevating work platform. All these courses are taught by experienced trainers.

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