Frequently Asked Questions

It is an authorised training organisation in Australia that helps people to get employment in the mining and civil construction industry of the country. Although there are many such organisations, we have emerged as one the most reliable names in the country. We offer professionals training that help the candidates to achieve their career goals.

Boomerang training and development is located in various cities of Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and all other major cities. So if you live in any of these places and planning to enter the field of mining and civil construction, then you can join us. Our trainers will develop the skills required for these segments.

Yes, Boomerang training and development provide certificates for the courses and training they provide to the candidates. These certificates help you when you approach various mining and civil construction companies in different cities in the country. The certificate that we provide is proof that you have developed the skills and knowledge essential for these fields.

No, we don’t! Boomerang training and development is a registered and reputed organisation that only provides training to those candidates who want to work in the mining and civil construction field. So, if you are planning to work in any other sphere, then you should look for any other option.

We offer various service to our clients, including the indigenous employment program, recruitment, retention, business services, certified courses, cultural awareness training. All these services not only help the candidates but also provide many mining and construction organisations across Australia to maintain their workforce. To know more, visit our service page.

We offer various certified courses such as coal mine safety skill, extraction operations, traffic management, plant operations, operation cost, emergency rescue, infrastructure operations, operate elevating work platform. If you want to work in the mining or construction field, contact At Boomerang training and development sharpens your skills through these courses.

Our approach to the training and development of the candidates is very clear. We are backed by a team of seasoned experts who make sure that the basic concepts of the trainees are absolutely clear. Moreover, we focus not only pay attention to the theoretical knowledge but focus on the practical training at the work sites.

The total duration of the training and development depends on the type of courses that we offer. The more courses you will choose, the more time it will take. On average, it takes around 1 to 3 years to complete the training and development. To know more, contact the customer support team and know in detail.

We help the candidates by developing their skills that lead to the employment in mining and construction industry. But our responsibilities don’t end there! Boomerang training and development also make sure that they stay for a longer period and get the right working atmosphere. These help the candidates a lot after the recruitment of a person.

If you want to get involved in mining or civil construction, then you need to develop some particular skills. For that, you should join the Boomerang training and development and pay a certain amount. It varies as per the courses and duration, so if you want to know more, contact customer support.

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