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About Us

Who We Are

Boomerang Training and Development is a dedicated training organisation that provides the best possible training and development to the candidates. It helps them to get employment in the mining and civil construction industries. We are backed by the best mentors focused on providing native candidates professional training. It will develop their skills and knowledge that are essential in mining and construction. The best thing about our training and development program is that it provides a flexible and tailored approach to the candidates. We always deliver professional results not only to the people looking for employment but also to the employers. Our seasoned trainers are aware of the latest updates that take place in these industries, so they give practical training to the trainees give an environment that makes them capable of working in these industries. Boomerang Training and Development has emerged as a reliable name in the market and have centres in all major cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, etc.

Why we are Reliable

We have become a trustworthy name among people who want to get employment in the mining or civil construction industry. Our assurance of the best training and our approach is what makes us different from our competitors.


Interested in Mining or Civil Construction Companies?

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What we are

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Our Vision

Boomerang Training and Development want to provide the best possible training to the people who want to work with the top mining and civil construction companies in the country. We want to help as many people as possible to enter this industry so the market can get bigger and stronger. We want to work as a bridge between employers and employees.


Our Mission

We believe the only way to provide a rewarding and enjoyable training experience is by making sure that honest and open communication is practised and maintained. This is what we want to offer throughout our training process. It will help the candidates to explore the area of their interest and achieve their goal.

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