Boomerang training and development is a vastly experienced company. For the last many years, it is providing adequate training to the workforce, so they get employment within the mining and civil construction industries.



We are highly professional in our approach. Our skilled and seasoned mentors make tireless efforts, so the candidates can match the demand of the companies and employers. We deliver a successful result for our trainees.



We are well aware of the latest developments in the mining and civil construction industry of Australia. Thus, we design our courses and training modules accordingly. As a result of that, our trainees develop the right skills for the right job profile.


Our Services

Boomerang training and development is a registered training organisation that provides the best opportunity to work in mining and civil construction companies in Australia. We offer different services to individuals and various companies.

Indigenous Employment Program

In this service, we offer help and support to indigenous jobseekers. We remove the barriers so they can get employment in different mining and civil construction companies.


We help employers in mining and construction by providing the appropriate amount of workforce for different positions or profiles. Our company provide the best candidates to different companies and help them to achieve their target.


We play a pivotal role in the retention of the employee and their engagement by paying attention to people management. We make sure that there is a supportive workplace and a good induction process for the candidates.

Business Services

We offer exceptional business services by focusing on project management, identifying the miscommunication across people and gaps in the training programs and processes. It helps the companies to work in an organised manner and increase their workforce.

Certified Courses

Our company provides a number of certified mining and construction certifications to help you develop your skills further. You will learn all the modern mining techniques as well as how to stay safe in this industry. You can easily implement these skills in the mining industry.

Cultural Awareness Training

With the help of our training and development, we teach the candidates about cultural awareness, the significance of etiquette, environmentally friendly training and other similar things. It helps them to work and achieve professional goal much faster.

Why Choose Us?

Relevant Courses

At Boomerang training and development, we help you understand and learn everything about the mining and construction industry of Australia with relevant and advanced courses.

Best Trainers of the Country

We are backed by a team of highly qualified and seasoned trainers who have deep knowledge about this specific industry. They will help guide candidates in all aspects and train them to be efficient and well-organised.


At Boomerang training and development, we offer various courses that help all of our trainees and ensure they acquire the best possible mining skills and information that would enable them to land lucrative jobs. Our competent team make every possible effort so all of our trainees can obtain decent positions and enjoy a positive workplace culture. In order to maintain constant involvement, we ensure that they are introduced to the employees and other team members as well.

Our Wide Reach

We provide guidance and support to indigenous jobseekers in all major cities of Australia where the demand is more. It includes Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and many more places.

On-site Training

We train you on-site at the mining sites so that you get hands on experience and can understand the dynamics of the industry easily. We go beyond seminars and presentations and use the practical approach. This on-site skill set will help you become more efficient in your work.

The Courses we Offer

Coal Mine Safety Skill

This course provides theoretical knowledge and practical training that will develop the skills and understanding required for working on coal mine surface. It is important skill course for disaster and risk management during coal mining and related projects.

Extraction Operations

This course is for production operators in an open-pit mining quarry. It will develop the judgement in choosing the right equipment and services. Furthermore, professionals can learn to optimise their time and manage projects effectively.

Traffic Management

This course is particularly designed for persons who want to work in civil construction, particularly in the traffic management and control area. Traffic can cause delays and inconveniences during construction projects. Thus, handling it is important.

Plant Operations

This course will help an operator working with a reputed civil construction plant. The person may support a team by providing theoretical advice. data analysis, model building and other assistance for smooth operations on site during projects.

Operation Cost

For mining and construction tasks, you will need the best equipment and a huge supply of labour. With this course, you will be able to understand your overall costing and accordingly create your budget. It is important to create this budget during projects to avoid unnecessary expenses and surprise expenditures.

Emergency Rescue

This is an essential course that will help individuals think on their feet and act as soon as possible in circumstances where an unfortunate incident has taken place. This will help you mitigate any risks that arise in the mining or construction area and help you be prepared for any kind of situation.

Infrastructure Operations

It is a preliminary qualification for individuals who enter the resources and infrastructure sector. The individuals develop basic skills to get ready for the work. The course is especially beneficial for civil engineers and risk management professionals working in the field.

Operate EWP

This excellent course will develop the skills and knowledge needed to work at an elevating work platform in mining and construction. This is a crucial course for individuals managing manual work and need to do it safely and efficiently.

The Mining And Civil Construction Company Is Thriving Again!

Do Not Miss The Golden Opportunity.

Key Events

Understanding Civil Construction4th July

In this event, we will discuss the civil construction industry and how it is helping in developing our country. Our experts will reveal some facts and information that will help you to understand the entire concept.

Basics of Mining20th July

People who want employment in the mining industry should know about it. That is why we are organising an event in which experts from the mining field of Australia will explain the basis of the sector. Anyone looking for employment should attend the event.

Safety in Mining & Construction5th August

The mining & civil construction sectors provide employment to a large workforce, but the nature of the job involves a little bit of risk. Therefore, we are conducting the event to explain how people can work in these industries without compromising safety.

Important Mining Courses27th August

To enter the mining industry, you need to develop some particular skill and have a good understanding of different aspects of the industry. For that, there are some course and will explain them in detail at our event.

Scope in Construction4th September

If you are looking for a career, then you can opt for the civil construction industry. In our event, some experienced and knowledgeable experts will explain the scope in this particular sphere. It will help you decide on a proper career.

Feedback from Experts

Alan Smith

Chief Executive Officer

“Boomerang training and development is an excellent training organisation and doing a wonderful job in employing the best people in our mining company. We have hundreds of certified staffs who have received the best training from the organisation. These professionals are helping us in various projects, and we are looking forward to more such skilled candidates.”

David Thompson

Managing Director

“If you want to build a career in civil construction, then reputed training organisations such as Boomerang training and development can be very helpful. Hundreds of people join them every year and get employment in the best companies across the nation. I will suggest all the youngsters interested in this sector to join Boomerang”.

Olivia White

Training Head

“If you are working in the mining and construction industry, you must have some particular skills and understanding. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to cope with the demand of the job. Boomerang training and development provide excellent guidance that improves the skills of individuals that helps them to get employment in this domain”.

Henry Williams

Project Director

“With my vast experience, I can tell you that it can be extremely challenging to work in this construction segment if you do not have the right knowledge and skills. We work with many experts, and Boomerang training and development is one of them. It is a reputed training organisation that offers certified course and professionals training for interested candidates”.

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What Trainees Say

David Smith

When I decided to opt for a career in the mining industry, I decided to join Boomerang training and development. Here, I got the professionals training and the relevant certified courses.

James Thompson

I never thought that I would get such professional training and in-depth knowledge about the mining industry. Boomerang training and development has made things a lot easier for me.

Tim White

If you are interested in joining the mining or civil construction work, join Boomerang training and development so you can get the best possible chance to enter the industry.

Olivia Walker

I want to thank the seasoned trainers of Boomerang training and development, who share their in-depth knowledge with the candidates and make them capable of the mining and construction job.

Our Recent Events

The Challenges in Mining

In our most recent event in Melbourne, we discussed the challenges that are involved in the mining industry. The information and facts that we shared helped many people who are planning to enter this field.

Employment in Construction

The industry of civil construction is booming, and that is why it is an excellent option for the Brisbane people looking for a decent career and job opportunity. We discussed the possibility in this field.

Safety Measures in Mining

The mining industry always involves some amount of risk, and therefore, people who want to take part in mining activities should know about it. We discussed it at our event in Canberra.

Extraction Operations

Our experts shared their technical knowledge about extraction operations in one of our recent event that took place in Sydney. It helped a lot of people who want to get involved in mining.

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